After 6 years of thinking about it, pondering how to go about it, I have at last figured out how to make this great idea for all us dog people happen. That is, great for dog people who walk their dogs!

I have developed a dog-walking glove!! The idea came from everyday walking my big, 100+ lb. dogs, my Bouvier de Flanders, Samson and Black Russian Terrier, Rocky. Although they were very good on leash and well-trained, walking them and holding the leash was hard on the hands, which I don’t have to tell you dog-walkers. And, as you all know, they are not always good, especially if they see a squirrel, cat or other dogs! They pull us and what do we do? Grip harder, which hurts or we yank our body to go with them, which also hurts or we just let go. This glove will change all that.
My design is the cutest and most functional dog-walking glove ever!

But best of all, a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of these gloves are going to a good cause. They will be used to support no-kill animal shelters and rescues and animal welfare organizations through the non-profit, My Angel Pets.
These gloves are only available through us here and at if you make a donation there.
Support a good cause!

The Glove Story

“Get A Grip on Your Leash”